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More Baby Must Haves

More Baby Must Haves

I didn’t expect the amount of comments and feedback that I would receive from my previous “Must Have Baby Items” post, but it made me so happy to hear that so many people found it helpful. I love when I learn about new products or discover new things that will help make motherhood a little easier and sharing with others is the best part!

I wanted to add to my list of ongoing essentials:


I never leave the house without these Baby Food Scissors. I’ll usually pack snacks for Taylor, but having these scissors handy allows me to cut up Tay’s food into bite size pieces anywhere we go. The only downside to table sharing is that I can’t order things “extra spicy” like I used to or always have to get “sauce on the side”, but watching Tay enjoy her food makes it worth it!


I discovered these when my sister had my nephew and I didn’t realize HOW useful these would be especially with a baby who loves to eat like Taylor. As soon as she began table sharing and could sit in her high chair, unassisted, I would use these placemats to start allowing her to self feed. It made clean up a breeze and the best part was that I didn’t have to scarf down my own food because she could eat on her own right off the table. These Neat Solutions Table Topper mats are great, but I found that these Safari Disposable Placemats were just as great in terms of sticking to the table and you get double the quantity for half the price. Granted, the inflated cost will get you those beautiful Disney graphics, but luckily Taylor doesn’t know the difference (yet).


While were on the topic of mealtime essentials, another great bargain must have are these Waterproof Silicone Bibs with Food Catcher. I bought these generic brand ones that come in a beautiful pastel pink and adorable mint and they are seriously the best food bibs! they catch all the food that Tay failed to get into her mouth and are so easy to wipe down and clean.


Taylor’s favorite water bottle is this Stainless Steel Thermos Vacuum Insultated Straw Bottle. It keeps drinks cold and fresh for up to 10 hours and hold 10 oz. I love that you can also buy replacement straws for the bottles and they come with little straw brushes to make cleaning easy! For older kids, Thermos also has lots of cool character FUNtainers so that your little one can choose something they really like (always a plus when you have picky eaters and drinkers!).


And of course, we can’t forget Taylor’s favorite SkipHop lunch pail that we carry everywhere to store all of her snacks and goodies. They have the cutest lunch pails and they are so affordable. I can just throw it in the wash when it gets dirty and let it air dry overnight. The hardest part is choosing from all the adorable choices!


Tay recently learned how to use her fork and spoon (for the most part) and now refuses to eat when I feed her. I want to make sure to give her room to explore and become more independent, but it can get pretty messy at times and sometimes feeding her just makes life a little easier. I’ve discovered that these waterproof food long sleeve food bibs that also have a food catcher and they have made cleanup a breeze! (such a good investment!) Bree from Little Chomps also sent us some food smocks for Tay and I love that I can just rinse them off or throw them in the wash without having to worry about stains all over Tay’s clothes!


I’m sure by now, most of you have noticed that we go through straws pretty quickly. Tay has a smoothie a day and because she never really used a sippy cup, we use straws for everything. I know that it would be best for us to use metal straws or paper straws, but honestly I hate the whole cleaning part and really would prefer to use a regular plastic straw (paper straws get soggy!). A friend of mine introduced me to these biodegradable straws and I love that I am able to reduce my carbon footprint even just a little.

I’d love to hear what products other mums and dads love and trust for their LOs, so feel free to share! :)



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