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There are so many baby products out on the market and it seems like something new comes out every other minute. It's as though you finally make the decision to purchase that one thing you've been researching and debating over and over again, and as soon as you get your hands on it, something else comes out. 

When I was pregnant, I literally added whatever my sister and friends recommended onto my registry. As my list grew, I found that there would be differing opinions on almost all baby products. Things that some babies loved, other babies hated. Things some parents swore by, other parents were absolutely against. I ended up buying almost everything and then having a bunch of things I didn't even really need. It really comes to show that ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT and much like all aspects of parenting, you need to find out what works best for YOU and YOUR BABY.

BUT...there are a few things that I've found that I cannot live without and wish I had known sooner. I wanted to make a list 1) for FUTURE reference, whenever we plan to have our second and 2) to share with new parents who may be interested in what items we found worked best for us.  

As I sat down to compile this list, I also went ahead and added some of the products that some people have recently messaged me about as well. I am in no way saying these are the best products on the market, but simply that they are loved and well used in our home and hope others find them useful as well!

(I hope you love the products that I recommend! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales from the affiliate links on this page.)


So I feel like everyone knows about the Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator because it really is a genius product. I am absolutely obsessed with this little nose sucker that allows parents to use their own suction to safely and effectively remove all the mucous trapped in your LOs nose. This comes especially handy when your little one is sick or congested. I like to spray some Boogie Mist Saline Spray into each nostril during Tay's bath and suction out all the gooey snot to help her breathe easy before bed. 


 Another amazing snot tool that I've come across is the Oogie Bear Ear and Nose Cleaner. This tool is perfectly sized to remove those little boogies that you are so tempted to remove with your fingers but can't reach because of their itty bitty nostrils. (There's something so satisfying about being able to remove those hard-to-get boogies out!) 


So one of things that scared me most was having to cut Taylor's nails. Especially having been born early, my 4 lb. baby had the tiniest little fingers! I can barely even cut my own nails! Enter Pigeon Baby Scissors--These tiny scissors are made in Japan and are perfectly tailored for a baby's small and delicate fingers so you can cut with precision and not have to worry about clipping their nails too short or hurting theme !


Taylor was one of those babies who hated being swaddled, but would wake every minute because of her startle reflex.  I think I've tried just about every swaddle out on the market and it wasn't until my friend recommended that I try the Love to Dream Sleep Sack that Taylor would sleep in longer stretches. The sack allows babies to sleep with their arms up so they can learn to self soothe if they wake up and is so great for when they are old enough to transition out of the swaddle into a sleep sack. (best part is how cute they look in there little swaddles--like little flying squirrels!)


So once Tay started solids, she went from pooping a few times a day to almost ten days without a single poop! She was so constipated and gassy and no amount of bicycles or belly massages seemed to help. Fridababy did it again with another AMAZING product, the Windi. This helped Tay to pass all the trapped gas that had been literally been such a PAIN IN THE BUTT for her! She was able to go comfortably and slept better because she wasn't so backed up!


Bumbo Multi-Seat not to be confused with the Bumbo floor seat (which is also great for helping your LO when they are learning to sit up). The reason why the multi seat was so great for us was that, Taylor was on the smaller side and by the time she was sitting up, she was still too small for her high chair. The bumbo multi seat was great because we just sat her up on the table and the tray was perfect for supporting her so she would fall forward. The multi-seat also transitions into a booster which is great for when they get older. We used to keep the bumbo in the trunk and throw it under the stroller whenever we go out. It's just so convenient and easy to take around. 



I actually had quite a few questions about Taylor's high chair and if we recommended it. We decided on this chair mostly because I originally wanted the Stokke, but couldn't quite grasp my head around paying so much. I liked how the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair had a modern look to it, but it functional and cost friendly. However, unlike some traditional high chairs, this does not have any padding or cushion and does not have the feature to recline back. This made it hard for Taylor to sit up in the beginning (that is why we loved the Bumbo Multiseat). However, now that she's older, the chair is great! The tray table has a clear cover so you can easily take it off and on to clean and the footrest can be adjusted so that it can grow with your LO!

IMG_7327 2.jpg

One thing I was really looking forward to was when Tay would be big enough to sit in a shopping cart! Considering how many times a week I'm at the market, I was so excited to finally be able to do things like go grocery shopping with my little one so I bought the Boppy Shopping Cart Cover, but I didn't realize how much peace of mind it would give me for when we would go out to eat as well. I had a good friend tell me how one of her friend's kids got Hand Foot and Mouth disease from a high chair! Having the Boppy cover is just reassuring because you can never be too safe!


Clearly, everyone knows how wonderful sound machines are, but I really love the Marpac Hushh Sound Machine because it is so small (about the size of my palm) and portable, which makes it convenient to take around with us for long car rides!! It comes with three different sound settings and has a ring that you can clip onto the carseat or stroller and last hours without having to be charged! 

IMG_7331 2.jpg

I'm sure you can tell from most of my videos that Taylor is pretty used to being carried. The first few months she was literally glued to my body and even after she was sitting up, she was still in a carrier for at least half the day because she would ONLY sleep in a carrier.

That being said, I own quite a few and feel as though there are pros and cons to each. (I'll have a separate review post up soon). The one I wanted to share with you guys today is probably one that many of you Are not as familiar with. I like to think of it as a crossover between the Ergo and the Miamily Hipseat but with more breathability, functionality, and comfort.

The Pognae is a Korean brand that really was designed with comfort in mind. Unlike other carriers, this carrier has a high weight limit of 45 lbs. and even comes with an insert for newborns. The straps are padded but the material is soft and lightweight. There is a zipper that folds down to become vented so that your baby will not get too hot . I think because Korea is a country that experiences all 4 seasons, they made this with all weather conditions in mind. It is waterproof and can also keep your baby cool. The hip back is detachable (I prefer to use the hip pack separately  just because it’s a bit heavy to use together) and features a zippered pocket on the hip strap, that is perfect for keeping your phone and keys (especially when running errands!). I love how easy it is to throw the carrier in the wash and it dries quickly without any color fading. The Pognae is hands down my favorite and most comfortable carrier that is also the most functional and convenient overall. It is a bit on the pricier end, but totally worth it if you plan to wear your baby often for long periods of time!


And of course, I can't forget our favorite EZPZ Mats. We've been fans since Shark Tank and how could you not be? They are the perfect sized mats that make meal time so much easier. The silicone mats suction to the table top, making clean up (somewhat) easier and you can rest easy knowing your LO wont throw their bowl on the floor! They came out with their new Nordic Collection and I am obsessed with all the gorgeous pastel hues!


Lastly, this is just because I've had so many questions about how I cut Tay's food into different shapes and sizes... Mini Cookie Cutters! These come in a 9 different cute shapes that are perfect for cutting food into bite size pieces that will make meal time fun for your LOs! Tay has no problem eating, but I know that some of your little ones are pick eaters and don't eat with as much enthusiasm as Tay. Making meal time fun by using fun shapes and adding lots of color can help make food more appealing!

So there we have it. A few of my top favorite baby products that I love and trust and hope some of you will find useful as well! 



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