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When Daniel and I were dating, we would venture to LA often to enjoy the city's vast art, culture and fine dining. My love for art and food coupled with Daniel's creative nature and passion for street wear and design led us to frequent museums, art exhibits and indulge all the wonderful eateries the city had to offer. Having worked in downtown and gone to school at USC✌🏻, Los Angeles holds a special place in my heart. However, those days became fewer and rare as we found it too difficult to drive up to LA once Taylor was born.


But now that Tay’s running around, it’s so fun going out and experiencing new places together. We finally decided to take Tay to go explore the ROW DTLA. The last time we came was for Smorgasburg when I was still pregnant and many of the shops and stores were still coming in.

If you aren’t familiar with the ROW DTLA, the 32 acre space was first known as the Terminal Market which served as the major hub for produce distribution, but has since been transformed to a collection of unique and globally recognized shops, hip and delicious restaurants and creative offices and workspaces.

We started our day at The Manufactory to grab some coffee and delicious treats from Tartine.

The common area between the structures is a great place to grab drinks, hang out with girlfriends, enjoy a good book or bring your laptop to catch up on some work (not to mention a GREAT place for kids to run around) while getting some much needed vitamin D.

Of course, no trip would be complete without some shopping. From Myrtle to OMAMImini, there’s a little something for everyone. But my favorite was cult favorite, Bodega.  One of the ROW’s hidden gems, Bodega is the coolest streetwear store that is “hidden in plain sight”  in the produce market. I honestly would have never known if it wasn’t for Daniel, but that goes for pretty much every hip and cool scene he takes me to. While he shopped, Tay and I got to enjoy our hypebeast moment as we explored the cool design and concept of the store.

And then there’s the beautiful architecture and colorful walls that make the ROW a instagrammer’s dream :)


Oh and I can’t forget to mention… for those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out, Smorgasburg L.A., be sure to come by on a Sunday to indulge and experience dozens of food vendors and some unique shops.

Speaking of food, after lots of photos and exploring, we were famished and decided to stop by Pikunico to enjoy some Japanese fried chicken Karaage and chicken bowls for lunch.

We most definitely will be back soon to check out the other restaurants and to do more shopping. If you’re looking for a great place to take your little ones or even for a cute day time date, be sure to check out the ROW :)


Su & Tay

Beef & Soybean Sprout Rice | Kong Namul Bap

Beef & Soybean Sprout Rice | Kong Namul Bap

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